Steels: I use ATS-34 stainless or 154CM stainless for most using knives, professionally heat treated to Rockwell 59c. This is a very stain resistant steel with good edge holding ability and will polish well. I no longer forge and make my own damascus, although I may have a few billets left for future blades.  I have recently begun using specialty damascus steel from other sources as well.  

Handle Materials: In contrast to a few years ago, almost any handle material is available today. I prefer to use natural materials, and constantly search for unique and beautiful materials that can be used to create a special knife.

Delivery: Delivery on standard hunters and most fixed-blade models might be from six to eight months, sooner if possible. An unusual or unique design might take longer. Also, an engraved knife would entail working with the engraverís backlog and might take longer.

Engraving: Mr. Michael Dubber, of the Firearms Engravers Guild, does my engraving and does outstanding work.

Pricing: I will add data and a price range to the photos, actual cost will be determined by the style, options, materials and complexity of the piece ordered. Hunters, for example, usually run from $300 to $475 for a basic hunter in stainless ATS-34 to $550-$850 if done in nickel damascus, again depending on options and complexity. Bolster engraving on hunters (as shown) will have to be quoted by the engraver at the time of the order.

I make each piece one at a time, to the best of my skills and ability. My goal is to create a knife that is both artistic and practical -one that will be a prized possession to the original owner and destined to be treasured as a family heirloom.

All knives now come with a signed Letter of Authentication that contains all data pertinent to that piece. Each knife has a unique serial number; it will be six digits indicating the year it was made, the month it was made, and the number made in that year.

I appreciate your interest; please call or write if you have questions or need more information. Also, I collect first generation single-action Colts. I often trade knives for old revolvers, or if you know of a gun that I might buy or trade for, I would be happy to send you a finders fee (or knife) for information that led to a trade or purchase.


Ordering: Just call or email and we will work out the details.


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