Personal profile

I live in Bremen, a small community in western central Kentucky with my wife Joy. I was a member of the Knifemakers Guild from 1982. until I retired from that organization in 2013. I have enjoyed making knives for over 30 years and have found it rewarding in many ways. I have been fortunate to meet many fine people from all over the world, both makers and just folks with a common interest in handmade knives. I can also derive a great deal of satisfaction from the belief that my knives have been widely used and hopefully enjoyed by many of these folks, both military and civilian, for many years. Originally, my goal was to be able to make a custom knife as well as the known makers of that time. It was a challenge then, and of course, it still is today. I try to put my best work into each piece, to make each piece unique, and to create a knife that satisfies the imagination of each customer. Currently, my status is semi-retired and although I don't want to take large orders, I still make a few hunters and the occasional bowie or special order.

I made a series of 50 battle knives for the U.S. forces during the Gulf War and continued making knives for our troops, the most recent have gone to Afghanistan and Iraq. My knives were aboard aircraft carriers, destroyers, attack helicopters, Harrier jets, and in the desert with the troops. I have enjoyed hearing from many of these folks, and their stories of where and how their knives were used.

My personal hobbies include a passion for deer hunting, both whitetail and mule deer. I live in Kentucky and we are blessed with abundant deer and turkey that I hunt with my grandkids whenever possible. I especially enjoy hunting the mountains of the Western states. 

I also enjoy researching the Indian Wars era of the American West, and collecting single action Colt revolvers of that time period.

Below are some my favorite photos of past hunts, from our Kentucky hills and hollows to the mountains of western Wyoming and Colorado.

      Colorado elk hunt, lots of snow and rough hunting:


After two days of walking and climbing through the snow, I'm walked out so we decide to watch the Aspen hillside where the elk have been feeding. The snow is not quite so deep in the aspens, and the animals can get to the grass underneath easier.

This guy finally shows up late in the afternoon.



                Wyoming mule deer pack-in hunt                                                                        Joy's Wyoming antelope

Some early hunts with the grandkids, for deer and turkey


                                                       Macey Jo's first buck                                                             One of Keaton's early bucks



                                      Shelby's first deer                                                                    Tyler with one of his early bucks



Keaton and Tyler with their birds 


The timber rattler adds another dimension to our turkey season